Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team Member Bio: Tom Brown

Tom Brown

Primary sport(s): 
 Track, road, cross country and mountain

Wachusett Regional/Northeastern University

CMS MORT Team member since: 

City/state of residence: 
Boston, MA

Clinical Physiologist

Goals for 2010:
Top 3 mountain circuit, sub 2:45 marathon, 5k track PR

Notable achievements/memories/PR’s in your sport: 
  • 400m: 51.8
  • 500m: 1:07.1
  • 800m: 1:55.1
  • 1000m: 2:29.27
  • 1200m: 3:07 (relay)
  • Mile: 4:18.6
  • 5000m: 15:50 (track) 16:12 (road)
  • 8k: 25:37 (xc)
  • 10k: 33:13 (xc)
  • Marathon: 3:24

List one thing others may not know about you: 
I farm and propagate compost worms from my apartment in Boston.

Your favorite workout:
30 minutes fartlek then hard last mile at franklin park, but only when I'm in shape.

Your favorite race(s) and why?
I fell in love with the mountain races last year, specifically Loon, I needed something to get me out of the routine of college track.

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