Monday, February 1, 2010

Team Member Bio: Dave Dunham

Dave Dunham

Primary sport(s):   
mountain, road, trail, snowshoe

Billerica High 1982, Univ. of Lowell 1987.

CMS MORT Team member since:

City/state of residence: 
Ward Hill, MA


Goals for 2010:   
Team gold at National trail championships

Notable achievements/memories/PR’s in your sport:

  • 20th place at Olympic trials marathon. 
  • Snowshoe National champion. 
  • Mt Washington road race winner. 

List one thing others may not know about you:   
I once crashed a stationary bike.

Your favorite workout:
Industrial park 4x2.

Your favorite race(s) and why?   
Mt Washington road race because there is "only one hill"

Website/Blog Address:

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