Friday, February 19, 2010

Team Member Bio: Rod Viens

Rod Viens

Primary sport(s): 
Road/Cross Country/Trail

Stevens High School (Claremont NH)
Keene State College

CMS MORT/Masters Team member since:  
Member of CMS 1989-2005 & 2010

City/state of residence: 
Grantham, NH

VP Operations @ groSolar

Goals for 2010: 
Score some master's points for CMS @ NE Grand Prix

Notable achievements/memories/PR’s in your sport: 

Lots of great memories not neccessarily the victories, but  the hard fought battles are the one's that stick in my head. Here are a couple of those.

1. Battle at the Millyard 5K Classic in Manchester NH w/ Mike O'Brien and Scott Clark.  I got outkicked by both of them but I ran 15:04 and more importantly it was a break through as far as who I could potentially run with.  It felt like a sprint for all fifteen minutes but I hung in. BTW. Gary Gardner smoked all of us with a 14:45 or so.

2. 2002 @ New Bedford.  1:10.45.  Race was a culmination of a consistent winter of training. I had prepared very well, and had a plan going into winter so it was great to see the results. One of those few races that everything just went very well.  Conservative on the start and just started picking people off at three miles and never got passed.

List one thing others may not know about you: 
Enjoy reading about American History

Your favorite workout:
4 mile tempo run or 6 x 1600 @ tempo w/ 1 minute rest.
5x1200 @ Interval pace isn't so bad either

Your favorite race(s) and why?
Any race with a good post race celebration because it give people a reason to hang out after the race instead of jumping in the cars and taking off.

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