Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mt Washington state record - Maine

Matt Russell broke the Maine state record at Mt Washington, taking over 2 minutes off of Rob Pierce’s time from 1995. Matt is one of four CMS members to hold state records (Blake set the NY record in 2005 while still a member of CMS).

ME----2010—7---1:04:21---Matt Russell

MA----1999—3---1:00:37 ---Dave Dunham
NH----1993—2---1:00:44---Dave Dunham
NY----2005—2---1:01:07---Eric Blake
VT----1999—4---1:01:09---Eric Morse

Blake and Dunham are the only two runners to hold multiple state records. Blake also holds the CT record 1:00:39 (set while a member of BAA).