Monday, February 26, 2018

CMS places 2nd at Amherst 10 mile

The Central Mass Striders men's open team trio of Dan Vassallo, Scott Mindel, and Daniel Raboin took to the hills of Amherst and placed 2nd overall to the BAA squad. The race was not foreign to most of the competitors seeking individual or team prize money offered up despite not being a USATF New England championship. Jim Spisak (Providence, RI) sped along the wet course breaking five minutes per mile taking the win in 49:41.4. Dan placed 4th overall with a time of 53:29.5. He was trailed by Scott Mindel who broke fifty four minutes, good for 5th. Daniel Raboin got into the top 10 with his time of 57:31. 

Amherst 10 Miler
Amherst, MA   February 25, 2018
Place     Name                    Net Time
4              Dan Vassallo       53:29.5 
5              Scott Mindell     53:56.5 
10           Daniel Raboin    57:31.0

Team Competition (3 score)
1 BAA 2:41:41.3   (Eric Ashe 52:00.9, Brian Harvey 52:43.3, Jason Reilly 56:57.0)
2 CMS 2:44:57.1  (Dan Vassallo 53:29.5, Scott Mindel 53:56.5, Daniel Raboin 57:31.0)
3 WMDP 2:54:32.9  (Nick Roosa 56:10.9, Mark Rabasco 58:26.8, Immanuel Wineman 59:55.1)

Dan, Scott, and Daniel sporting Polar Beverages throwback singlets