Monday, January 30, 2012

Results - Week of January 29

Tim VanOrden (Tivo) (above) doubles up this weekend (what else is new) with nice wins at the GSH Snowstorm 5k (hilly) and the modified Curly's Record Run course, where Tim holds 4 consecutive single-age course records, out in Pittsfield, MA.  That is another race in the WMAC-Dion Snowshoe Series for 2012 (video below courtesy of Brad Herder, photo above courtesy of Berkshire Sports).
Greg Hammett ran another solid winter track race down at the Terrier Classic at BU (Flotrack video below of Greg's come-from-behind near win). Dave Dunham ran to a solid second place finish in the 5000 Meters at the USATF East Region / NE Masters Indoor Championships in Providence RI.

Saturday - January 28

Fudgcicle 5k (Series - Race 4)
Tewksbury, MA
5K (long) (road)

1David Corbett     28Stoneham MA 17:335:39
2Dan Verrington    49Bradford MA 17:405:42
3Festus Mbuva      30              18:265:56
4Liam Skinner      45Lowell MA 18:345:59
5Daniel Regan      17Tewksbury MA 19:306:17
6Matt Story        38Westford MA 19:596:26
7Matt Stubbs       29Medford MA 20:086:29
8John Feehrer      47Westford MA 20:466:41
9Chuck Farrow      50Carlisle MA 20:496:42
10Dan Beaulieu      30Lowell MA 20:556:44

85 Total Finishers.

Greater Springfield Harriers Snowstorm Classic
Springfield, MA
5K (road)

Top 10 (CMS in Blue)

1Tim Van Orden      4316:425:23
2Nick Curelop       2317:135:33
3Ivan Cordero       2517:315:39
4David Estabrook Jr.2617:515:45
5Vin Buffone        3818:516:05
6Jackie Evans       3619:106:11
7Henry Domnarski    1319:336:18
8Scott Rossi        4919:436:22
9Elaina Mertens     2519:476:23
10Juan Rebollo       2819:556:25

134 Total Finishers.

Sunday - January 29

Watch more video of 2012 BU Terrier Invitational on

BU Terrier Invite
Boston University, Boston, MA
Men's Mile (H07)

1Lyons, Colin          New Balance Boston04:21.3
2Hammett, Greg         Central Mass      04:21.7
3Berger, David         Monmouth          04:22.5
4McCormack, Phelan     Providence        04:22.9
5Lee, Colin            Boston U.         04:23.0
6Reilly, Christopher   Adelphi           04:24.6
7Paez, Ricardo         Mit               04:24.7
8Bloom, James          Rhode Island      04:25.5
9Safai, Eric           Mit               04:28.4
10Bennett, Devin        Siena             04:39.2
DNFO'Leary, Nicholas     Unattached            DNF

Curly's Record Run
Pittsfield, MA
4.5 Miles (snowshoe)

Top 10 Plus CMS Racing Team in Blue

1TIMVan Orden430:32:317:13

64 Total Finishers.

Log Cabin 10K
Fitchburg, MA
10K (road)

Top 5 Plus CMS in Blue

1Ryan MillerAndover      35:42
2Richard TuttleLittleton     36:50
3John PajerLeicester      37:15
4Jonathan MiganowiczTempleton38:44
5Dan FordSpencer        38:48
6Dave MingoriCharlton40:54

45 Total Finishers

USATF East Coast Masters Championship
Providence, RI
Event 45  M30-84 5000 Meter Run

1Livingston, Sean   42WRT16:26.70 
2Dunham, Dave       47CMS16:52.39  
3Martin, Tighe53TNT17:29.42 
4Soucy, Justin 30GCS17:49.01 
5Georges, Frank     34GLRR19:31.63   
6Derderian, Tom     62GBTC20:16.20 
7Berit, Jon53GBTC21:28.98 
8Peckiconis, Stephen 52CSU22:02.10
9McMahon, Oliver  59GCS23:44.45 

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