Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Results - 03/14/10

Lot's of action this weekend across New England for the CMS Men's Racing Team.  Up at Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the trio of Dunham, Tilton, and Johnson ran in the last race in the 2010 Granite State Snowshoe Series.  The Granite State Snowshoe Championship 10k saw a phenomenal finish in blizzard conditions, as Johnson and Tilton both dove for the line after an all out sprint that wrapped up a challenging 10K course over the Great Glen trail system.  An under-the-weather and injured Dunham finished out the season in a strong 4th place.   On the roads, Mike Quintal continued his winning ways and bested a field of 640 runners to win a 5 mile road race in Lowell, MA.  Pete Mallett (fresh off of Snowshoe Nationals in Syracuse, NY) threw down in a very fast field up at a new 5 Miler in Portsmouth, NH, which was organized by new CMS member Bob Wiles.  Kevin Fallon was also a winner this weekend in a St. Patty's day 10k in Malden, MA, and Jim Johnson started his double-weekend off with a close win over a charging Connor Jennings up in Concord, NH in the Spring Ahead 3 Miler.  Rounding out 3 CMS places in the top 4 in Concord were new CMS member Matt Pimentel (who is still on the comeback trail after knee surgery) and top CMS masters runner Scott Clark of Gilmanton, NH.  Speaking of Scott Clark...his Gilmanton 5k kicks off the 2010 C.A.R.S. series on March 27th.  See here for detals.

Granite State Snowshoe Championships

Mount Washington, NH, March 14, 2010

1Kevin Tilton     28North Conway NH 46:14
2Jim Johnson      32Salem NH        46:14
3Geoff Cunningham 32Greenland NH    50:49
4Dave Dunham      45Bradford MA     51:38
5David Principe   43Cranston RI     52:12
6Kurt Gustafson   25Shrewsbury MA   52:17
7Steve Wolfe      45Merrimack NH    52:53
8Danny Ferriera   27Concord NH      53:06
9Chris Dunn       41Strafford NH    53:56
10Brendan Sullivan 46North Conway NH 55:23

34 Total Finishers.

The Traditional Hynes Tavern 5 Mile Road Race

Lowell, MA, March 14, 2010

1MIKE QUINTAL       32NORTH ANDOVER MA 27:20.65:29
2MIKE GIBERTI       17DERRY NH         27:23.45:29
3JAMES ST.PIERRE    38DRACUT MA        27:38.55:32
4LOUIS SAVIANO      19SANDOWN NH       28:02.65:37
5JOHN AYERS         43BEVERLY MA       28:52.75:47
6JIMMIE COCHRAN III 35SANDOWN NH       29:28.55:54
7ANDIE COLON        28METHUEN MA       29:35.55:56
8JASON BUI          29LOWELL MA        30:05.66:02
9PHILIP WEBSTER     27WALTHAM MA       30:45.56:10
10NICHOLAS QUINN     21METHUEN MA       30:56.56:12

640 Total Finishers.

St. Paddy's 5 Miler

Portsmouth, NH, March 14, 2010

1Patrick Tarpy   27Yarmouth   ME24:304:54
2Nate Jenkins    29Andover    MA25:245:05
3Robert Gomez    26Westbrook  ME26:185:16
4Scott McGrath   23Durham     NH26:445:21
5Chris Mahoney   32             27:435:33
6Peter Mallett   26Manchester NH28:075:38
7Nathan Huppe    30             28:355:43
8Heidi Westover  29Walpole    NH29:055:49
9Ryan Proulx     30Portsmouth NH30:276:06
10Colby Nixon     20Eliot      ME30:566:12

253 Total Finishers.

Malden Rotary Club 7th Annual St. Patrick's Road Race

Malden, MA, March 14, 2010

1Kevin Fallon     41West Boylston MA42:04:006:47
2Tim Curley       39Malden        MA42:40:006:52
3LOUIS PERRY      30GLOUCESTER    MA42:41:006:53
4Michael Menovich 59Lexington     MA50:27:008:08
5BOB PLAWKIAN     59NEWTON        MA51:00:008:13
6Alyssa Porter    36Wellesley     MA51:22:008:16
7Amy Paquette     32West Boylston MA51:53:008:21
8Meg A Michaels   54Wakefield     MA53:00:008:32
9Whitney Brown    36Malden        MA53:10:008:34
10Kyle Crayton     45Quincy        MA56:11:009:03

24 Total Finishers.

NHTI Spring Ahead

Concord, NH, March 13, 2010

1JIM JOHNSON      32SALEM NH    14:544:58
7DARIN BROWN      43MADISON NH  17:065:42
8DREW TUTTLE      14CONCORD NH  17:125:44
9JOHN TUTTLE      52MOUNT ROAD  17:145:45
10COLTON HAM       15WEBSTER NH  17:435:55

CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #11

Worcester, MA, March 13, 2010

1John Pajer           Leicester     18:22CMS
2John Kinnee          Ayer          19:02CMS
3Kevin McCusker       Ashby         20:02CMS
4Charlie Salmond      Fitchburg     20:41CMS
5Greg Haskell         Ayer          21:20CMS
6Carol Hurley         Spencer       21:25CMS
7Scott Stevens        Holden        21:53CMS
8Scott Shaeffer-Duffy Worcester     22:14CMS
9Mike Sikorski        Sterling      22:45CMS
10Pat Clark            Worcester     23:04CMS
11Jim West             Millbury      23:05CMS
12Joe Lavalee          Northboro     23:13CMS
13Bob Brady            Worcester     23:18CMS
14Jack Goolsky         Worcester     23:54CMS
15Jose Rivera          Webster24:25
16Brooks Harrington    Maynard24:33
17Scott Lauer          West Boylston 24:38CMS
18Linda Usher          Upton         25:02CMS
19Doug Usher           Upton         25:03CMS
20Vin Garafoli         Worcester     25:21CMS
21Joanne Lachapelle    Worcester     25:25CMS
22Hector Cruz          Shrewsbury    25:45CMS
23Marilyn Leary        Worcester     28:05CMS
24Bob Dio              Worcester     28:21CMS
25Karen Pajer          Leicester     28:22CMS
26Marta Carlson        Paxton        28:54CMS
27Judy Sikorski        Sterling      29:52CMS
28Dick Hunt            Auburn        31:30CMS
29Don Grant            Northampton   33:12SMAC
30Jane Crooks          Sterling      34:43CMS 


  1. Heidi Westover is also on CMS.

  2. Thanks Diana...I actually heard that was happening a few weeks ago but hadn't heard anything recently about if it was set in stone...good to hear it is. I usually do only highlight our mens team here, as this is the CMS MORT (Men's Open Racing Team) blog... Just so happens that she finished in the top 10 overall in that race, so she made the list :)....