Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mt Washington lottery!!!!

The Mt W lottery opens on March 1 and ends on March 15. If you want to run you need to enter during this period (lottery by-pass or not).

Here are the categories for lottery by-pass and the CMS runners who can by-pass (remember you still need to enter!)
Current Individual Age Group record holder at Mt. Washington. -dd

Former M or F Overall winner - dd

Award Winner in last year's race. Includes teams, scoring members only (5 men, 3 women)
Open team: Kevin Tilton, Eric Morse, Ben Nephew, Matthew Clark, Dave Dunham,
40+ team: Eric Morse, Dave Dunham, Daniel Verrington, David Quintal, Stephen Peterson

One of the Top Ten Male or Female Age-Graded Masters in last year's race.
Eric Morse, Dave Dunham

Have a continuous streak of official finishes since 1984.

Selected for last year's race and cancelled in writing before June 1st.

Mt. Goat winner in last year's USATF-NE Mountain Series
Tim Mahoney

Elite Runner - Reserved for those with a strong chance of making the top five open, or top three age-adjusted masters. You must contact the race director to receive this designation prior to entering. Contact:

Anyone on our racing team should be able to get in as an Elite runner (if they haven’t already qualified via the by-pass). If in doubt contact Bob Teschek, worst case is that he will say “no” and you’ll have to enter the lottery. Don’t wait, do it today!

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