Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CMS runners dominate the New England snowshoe rankings

The acidotic racing team's website includes rankings of the top snowshoe racers in New England. They have a secret formula to determine the top runners. I have no formula, just my best guess on who would beat who if we all met in one race. I use all New England results and Eastern NY results as the E-NY races are part of the WMAC/Dion series and there is a fair amount of cross-over.

Acidotic rankings 02-01-09
1 Matthew Cartier
2 Dave Dunham
3 Ben Nephew
4 Jim Johnson
5 Tim Mahoney
6 Justin Fyffe
7 Tim Van Orden
8 Jay Kolodzinski
9 Paul Bazanchuk
10 Ken Clark

My rankings (minimum of 2 finishes):
Rank------Name------Prior Rank---This Weekends Result
1 Josh Ferenc---------NR-----------1st @ NF
2 Justin Fyffe---------1------------2nd @ NF
3 Jim Johnson---------3------------1st @ CM
4 Ben Nephew---------2------------5th @ NF
5 Matt Cartier--------4------------Idle
6 Greg Hammett------NR----------6th @ NF
7 Josh Merlis---------NR----------1st @ Fest
8 Dave Dunham--------5-----------4th @ NF
9 Tim Mahoney--------6-----------7th @ NF
10 Tim VanOrden------7-----------8th @ NF
11 Matt Westerlund---NR---------2nd @ Fest
12 Tim Cox-------------NR---------2nd @ CM
13 Ken Clark-----------8------------13th @ NF & 3rd @ Fest
14 Paul Bazanchuk-----9------------9th @ NF
15 Rob Smith----------NR----------14th @ NF

(CMS runners highlighted in blue)

King(s) of the hill(s):
Corey Watts (Turner trail)
Dave Dunham (Curly’s)
Justin Fyffe (Greylock Glen)
Josh Ferenc (Northfield)
Jim Johnson (Pooh hill & Cobble Mtn)

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