Monday, January 23, 2012

Results - Week of January 22

Updated (1/24) Scott McGrath is BOSS at the 17th Annual Boston Prep 16 Miler in Derry, NH on Sunday. Scott's first win of 2012 was a big one, besting 608 brave souls on the slippery roads of Derry, New Hampshire.  He ran the 34th fastest time ever in the 17th years of the race, which usually attracts a very good field year in and year out.  Scott's time was the 12th fastest CMS time and he's the 8th fastest CMS individual (Dave Dunham (2), Justin Fyffe, Byrne Decker (2), Greg Ward, Rod Viens (2), Dan Verrington (2), Andy McCarron). Scott is the 3rd different CMS runner to win the race.  Dunham has two victories there (1997 and 1999), Byrne Decker (1996), and Andy McCarron (2009).  This win comes as Scott is currently the poster boy for New England Runner, with a very nice shot of him sandbagging at the Cape Cod Marathon back in October.

The top 100 times of all time for Derry Prep is here.

On the snow, CMS runners fared quite well up in NH and out in Western Mass this weekend with multiple podium spots.  Jim Johnson and Dave Dunham went 1,3 at Kevin Tilton's 2nd Annual Whitaker Woods Snowshoe race in Intervale, NH (part of the Granite State Snowshoe Series).  Tim VanOrden and Dave Dunham went 1,2 out in Lanesborough, MA on Sunday at the Constitution Hill Snowshoe Race (part of the Dion/WMAC Snowshoe Series) with Tim Mahoney and Ross Krause finishing right behind in 3,4.

Saturday - January 21:

Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race
Intervale, NH
4 Miles (snowshoe)

Top 10 plus CMS in blue:

1Jim Johnson3427:27CMS
2Judson Cake3428:25Acidotic
3Dave Dunham4728:40CMS
4Danny Ferreira2929:49Acidotic
5Chris Jasparro4430:33TNT
6Chris Dunn4331:06Acidotic
7Ryan Welts3131:52Acidotic
8Dan Hayden2533:44
9Scott Mason5433:53TNT
10Jason Massa4434:22Acidotic
23Mark Mauro4740:43CMS

40 Total Finishers

Sunday - January 22:

Constitution Hill Snowshoe Race
Lanesborough, MA
3.6 Miles (snowshoe)

Top 10 (CMS highlighted in bold)

1Tim Van Orden0:32:58
2Dave Dunham0:33:40
3Tim Mahoney0:33:58
4Ross Krause0:34:18
5Dave Merkt0:34:23
6Steve Dowsett0:34:55
7Rich Teal0:35:08
8Ashley Krause 0:38:16
9John Agosto0:38:37
10Erik Wight0:38:52

70 Total Finishers.

Boston Prep 16 Miler
Derry, NH
16 Miles (roads)

Top 10

Place Name Age Town/State Time Pace
1 Scott McGrath        25 ANDOVER MA 1:31:15 5:43
2 Binney Mitchell      43 BURLINGTON VT 1:34:20 5:54
3 Justin Montgomery    35 CLAREMONT NH 1:35:42 5:59
4 Brendan Lynch        33 DORCHESTER MA 1:36:06 6:01
5 Jason Dunklee        37 WATERTOWN MA 1:36:26 6:02
6 Brent Wilmot         30 CLAREMONT NH 1:41:03 6:19
7 David Lamoureux      31 LAKEVILLE MA 1:42:22 6:24
8 Jonathan Miganowicz  25 TEMPLETON MA 1:42:31 6:25
9 Tim Morin            29 SOMERVILLE MA 1:43:17 6:28
10 Jon Dipippo          42 BROOKLYN CT 1:44:09 6:31

GBTC Invitational
Boston, MA
Various (track)

[Men's 3000 Meters]

1McClintock, Matthew8:38.9Unattached   
2Kibler, Chris      8:39.7Fitchburg St 
3Treadway, Kevin    8:45.3Are Racing T 
4Miller, William    8:46.3Naval Academy
5Nelson, Geoff      8:48.5Unattached   
6Gendron, Steve     8:50.1Baa          
7Maguire, Sean      8:51.7Bentley      
8Fidler, Dan        8:55.3New Balance  
9Hurley, David      8:58.9Bryant       
10Wheatley, Ben      9:00.2GBTC         
14Noone, Paul               9:08.0CMS

37 total runners

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