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Weekend Results - 03/21/10

The Grand Prix action resumed this past weekend down in New Bedford, MA at the Half Marathon Championships hosted once again by the New Bedford Half Marathon.  The CMS Men's Open and Master's teams were in full swing and had (unofficially) some strong finishes against very tough competition.  The CMS Men's Open team finished 3rd overall, out of 25 scoring teams, only falling to two very strong teams in BAA and adidas New England.  Jim Johnson, Bob Wiles, Jeff Goupil, and Greg Hammett all ran personal best times and the rest of the team really stepped up and competed well in near perfect conditions.  Justin Fyffe and Andy McCarron (typically the top 2 guys for the Striders) had some issues but still toughed it out to the finish.  Justin had been battling a head cold and Andy was dealing with stomach issues during the race and had to make a pit stop.  Teamwork was the word of the day, as there was at one point a pack of 6 CMS runners together for about half the race.  The masters team (pending a correction in the results) was 2nd only to a strong performance by Whirlaway.

As the standings get updated this week, the CMS Men's Open Team should still be in second place overall, behind BAA in the total overall team standings for the 2010 Grand Prix.

CMS Blog Writeups: Jim Johnson - Jim Pawlicki - Jeff Goupil - Kevin Gorman - Dave Quintal - Justin Fyffe - Dave Harper

New Bedford Half Marathon

New Bedford, MA, March 21, 2010

Top 20 Overall (Plus CMS in blue)...Scotty Clark was missing from results at time of this posting...

1DERESE DENIBOB    28BRONX NY         1:05:20.85:001:05:21.4 
2CURTIS WHEELER    24BUXTON ME       1:06:26.95:051:06:27.5 
3LUCAS MEYER       26RIDGEFIELD CT    1:06:48.05:061:06:48.6 
4NICHOLAS WHEELER  24GORHAM ME        1:07:34.45:101:07:35.0 
5JARED MARKOWITZ   27CAMBRIDGE MA     1:07:53.55:111:07:54.6 
6MATTHEW ELY       33NATICK MA        1:07:55.05:121:07:55.6 
7MARK MILLER       29KEENE NH         1:08:14.55:131:08:15.1 
8BRIAN HARVEY      22ALLSTON MA       1:08:31.65:141:08:32.2 
9BRENDAN CALLAHAN  28MIDDLETON CT     1:08:42.55:151:08:43.1 
10DANIEL VASSALLO   24REDDING MA       1:08:57.85:161:08:58.5 
11NATHAN KRAHH      24BOSTON MA        1:09:15.95:181:09:16.6 
12RYAN CARRARA      33HUDSON MA        1:09:54.35:211:09:56.1 
13ALEX TAYLOR       30SOMERVILLE MA    1:09:57.05:211:09:57.8 
14JIM JOHNSON       32SALEM NH         1:10:07.65:221:10:08.8 
15PAUL RYAN         29BELMONT MA       1:10:38.15:241:10:38.7 
16ANDREAS HEILMANN  25BROOKLINE MA     1:10:39.55:241:10:41.4 
17MARK OLIVIER      25GROTON CT        1:10:43.65:241:10:44.3 
18BOB WILES         32KITTERY ME       1:10:49.15:251:10:50.5 
19PATRICK MACADIE   26ACTON MA         1:10:51.35:251:10:54.6 
20KIM SMITH         28PROVIDENCE RI    1:10:52.55:251:10:54.5 
23GREG HAMMETT      32CHESTERFIELD NH  1:11:00.65:261:11:01.2 
26JUSTIN FYFFE      29EAST DUMMERSON VT1:11:10.15:261:11:10.7 
27ALAN BERNIER      35PROVIDENCE RI    1:11:17.55:271:11:18.1 
29KEVIN TILTON      28NORTH CONWAY NH  1:11:26.95:281:11:29.2
63JIM PAWLICKI      35BEVERLY MA       1:14:15.95:411:14:19.4 
66KEVIN GORMAN      33NORWOOD MA       1:14:21.35:411:14:22.8
69JEFF GOUPIL       22KEENE NH         1:14:36.15:421:14:39.4 
70ANDY MCCARRON     27KEENE NH         1:14:48.85:431:14:49.4 
75BEN NEPHEN        34MANSFIELD MA     1:15:06.65:451:15:09.2 
94ERNEST BRAKE      48N.SUTTON NH      1:16:49.85:521:16:52.6 
99DAN VERRINTON     47BRADFORD MA      1:17:06.15:541:17:09.1 
109DAVID QUINTAL     46SALEM NH         1:17:31.05:561:17:36.0 
123JOHN PAJER        47LEICESTER MA     1:18:27.46:001:18:32.9
139CHRISTIAN MUENTNER36YARMOUTH ME      1:19:32.36:051:19:35.2 
178ROD VIENS         42GRANTHAM NH      1:22:12.76:171:22:15.0 
401DAVID HARPER43LEOMINSTER MA      1:31:40.07:001:31:45.6 
406KEVIN FALLON41WEST BOYLSTON MA      1:31:51.37:051:32:11.7 

2308 Finishers...

An great video montage of the race courtesy of Krissy K.

35th Holyoke St Patrick's Day 10K

Holyoke, MA, March 20, 2010

Place Name Age City/State Gun Pace
1 Alene Reta     28 NEW YORK NY 28:55 4:40
2 Derese Deniboba 28 BRONX NY 30:25 4:54
3 Philip Kandie   29 NEW YORK NY 30:46 4:58
4 Nate Jenkins  29 ANDOVER MA 31:23 5:03
5 Daniel Hocking  30 DOVER NH 31:57 5:09
6 Eric Blake    31 NEW BRITAIN CT 32:14 5:12
7 Julien Di Maria 20 MEUDON                32:17 5:12
8 Drew Best     27 LEVERETT MA 32:22 5:13
9 David Johnson  31 LUDLOW MA 32:47 5:17
10 Kevin Johnson  21 LUDLOW MA 32:48 5:17
18 Matthew Clark    27 AMHERST MA 34:48 5:36
27 Tim Mahoney  30 HOLYOKE MA 36:26 5:52
183 Kevin Fallon  41 WEST BOYLSTON MA 43:55 7:05

4848 Total Finishers...

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