Saturday, January 9, 2010

CMS club records - Update

I'm planning on doing the udate to the club records if you have met any of the standards (check each individual list) while a member of CMS and I missed you in the results OR if you did so in 2009....please send me the relevant info:

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  1. Additions that I know of, that would fit on the current sheets:

    Justin Fyffe: Mile: 4:08 (official)(MM 2009)
    Justin Fyffe: 10k: 30:40 (Lone Gull 2009)
    Justin Fyffe: Marathon: 2:27:32 (VT City 2009)
    Justin Fyffe: Marathon: 2:28:15 (Baystate 2009)
    Andy McCarron: Marathon: 2:29:01 (Baystate 2009)