Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowshoe rankings

Acidotic Racing came out with a New England Snowshoe ranking. It was a very interesting list, using results from the Granite state series and the WMAC series and a secret formula to come up with a ranking. The top 10 men, based on best three races are listed below.
1 Matt Cariter 43.00
2 Ben Nephew 42.00 CMS
3 Dave Dunham 41.67 CMS
4 Jim Johnson 41.17 CMS
5 Jay Kolodzinski 37.50
6 Tim VanOrden 37.17 CMS
7 Tim Mahoney 36.17 CMS
8 Ed Alibozek 35.67
9 Ken Clark 33.50
10 Paul Bazanchuk 30.83

Here are my rankings based on nothing more than my opinion and using just the best TWO finishes (best three would eliminate Justin):
1 Justin Fyffe CMS
2 Ben Nephew CMS
3 Jim Johnson CMS
4 Matt Cartier
5 Dave Dunham CMS
6 Tim Mahoney CMS
7 Tim VanOrden CMS
8 Ken Clark
9 Paul Bazanchuk
10 Brian Northan


  1. Who's that one non-CMS shoe-er in there? We gotta get him a jersey!

  2. Ha...I already tried to go that route and he didn't bite ;)