Monday, May 11, 2015

CMS takes wins at USATF New England Trail Championships

CMS had winning teams at the USATF New England Trail Championships hosted by the Merrimack River Trail Race (Andover, MA) on Saturday morning. The Men's Open team led by new member and overall winner, Colin Carroll, placed 1st with Kevin Tilton, Scott Leslie, Chris Mahoney, and Matthew Veiga.
The women's open team won with Leslie O'Dell, Regina Loiacano (1st 40+), and Jenn Brooks.
The men's masters team (40+) won (Todd Callaghan, Jim Pawlicki, John Gillis) while the Senior team (50+) of John Gillis, David Lapierre and Dave Dunham were second to Team Gloucester. Jim and Todd were 2nd and 3rd in the 40+ age group while John Gillis was 2nd in the 50+ age group. Patrick Rich, Dan Verrington, and Jerry Grove also represented CMS on the out and back style trail along the Merrimack River.
All CMS finishers below
Merrimack River Trail Race - USATF NE trail champs
Andover, MA, May 9, 2015

1   0:58:57  Colin      Carroll             30           M            Andover              MA         CMS                 
2   0:59:13  Kevin     Tilton              33           M            N Conway           NH          CMS       
3   0:59:58  Scott      Leslie              33           M            Rutland               MA         CMS    
4  1:00:02  Chris      Mahoney         37           M            Westford             MA         CMS      
8  1:02:17  Matthew Veiga              28           M            Lynn                      MA         CMS
9  1:02:33  Todd      Callaghan         45           M            Beverly                 MA         CMS
11 1:03:58  Jim         Pawlicki         40           M            Lynn                      MA         CMS
12 1:04:58  Patrick  Rich                 38           M            S Hamliton          MA         CMS
21 1:09:33  Leslie     O'Dell             39           F              Albany                  NH          CMS 
27 1:10:53  Regina  Loiacano          41           F              Gloucester          MA         CMS
28 1:10:53  John  Gillis                  51           M            Manchester       MA         CMS      
40 1:13:09  Jenn   Brooks                36           F              Gloucester          MA         CMS      
64 1:20:53  David Lapierre            50           M            Chelmsford        MA         CMS                      
65 1:20:54  Dave      Dunham         51           M            Bradford              MA         CMS
66 1:20:55  Daniel   Verrington      52           M            Bradford              MA         CMS
147 1:50:37  Jerry      Grove                   69           M            Wayland              MA         CMS

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