Sunday, April 26, 2015

CMS finds Silver at the USATF National Masters 10K Championship

The Central Mass Striders men's masters and senior teams placed 2nd and 4th respectively at the USATF National Masters 10K road race championship in Dedham, MA via James Joyce Ramble. Joe Shairs led the masters team with an 8th place finish. Dan Verrington led the Senior team with a 25th place finish.

Men 40+
2. 1:43:59 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   (  34:40)
  1    34:32  Joe Shairs               Peabody MA      CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  2    34:43  Todd Callaghan        Beverly MA        CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  3    34:44  James Pawlicki        Lynn MA           CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  4 (  34:45) Greg Putnam           Stoneham MA   CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS

Men 50+
4. 2:02:21 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   (  40:47)
  1    35:38  Daniel Verrington     Bradford MA       CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  2    38:43  John Griego            Blackstone MA   CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  3    48:00  Frank Ruggiero       Lunenburg MA    CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS

Masters Championship results
Photos by KrissyK 

Todd Callaghan 56 Joe Shars 136 & Greg Putnam 127 about 400 meters into the race
Photo by KrissyK
Greg Putnam, Joe Shairs, Todd Callaghan & James Pawlicki
Photo by KrissyK

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